12 APRIL 2014

The Palace Theatre - 710 Dundas St

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Unity Project


for relief of homelessness in London

Presented by Callon Dietz

A silent Auction fundraiser

celebrating art in all its forms

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12 APRIL 2014

6:30 PM


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visual art, music & performance

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40 artists

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Local, internationally renowned, youth

and Unity Project residents

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PLUS… The Collector’s Collection

Eclectic works donated by notable collectors

A special thank you to our sponsors…

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Continuing the Arty-Party

UPwithART continues with live music by the modern jazz outfit from Montreal, Kite Trio…AND Londons very own DJ Stitch spinning all night. The...

Our Media Sponsor

CTV London is deeply involved in our community, driven by its mandate for support of mental health. The Unity Project has enjoyed newsworthy...

UPwithART 2014

  • Check out the items for auction from our UPwithARTists, Collectors' Collection, New School of Colour and special this year, Objects & Intrigue... click here
  • We're excited for the groups participating in this years UPwithART. To view details... click here.

Who's Coming!

Megan Arnold
Fernando Benavides
Ron Benner
David Bobier & Leslie Putnam
Dickson Bou
Donnie Claudino
Sean & Jackie Couchie
Oswaldo De León Kantule
Roly Fenwick
Lucretia & Wyn Geleynse
Jamelie Hassan
Amanda Hickey
Kelly Jazvac
Jeremy Jeresky
James Kirkpatrick
Manal & Izzeldinn Kojour
Chuck Lazenby
Peter Lebel
Agata Lesnik
Monica Lindenfield
Jason McLean
David Merritt & Dawn Easton-Merritt
Ron Milton
Kim Moodie
Catherine Morrisey
Rob Nelson
Troy Ouellette
Gerard PaS
Abdul Hadi Shala
Matthew Trueman
Aidan Urquhart
Kim Wilkie
Deborah Worsfold
Billy Bert Young
Janice & Paul Strickland
Judith & Wilson Rodger
Michael Klug
Silvia Langer
Chuck Grawburg & Marnie Coulson
Anne & Randy Donervoort
Kay & Peter Hickey
Pat & Myrle Hickey
Nancy Johnson
Hanny & Najet Hassan
Sharon & Steve Fenwick
Matt Brown
Skylar Franke
Wendy Smith
Patrick Malloy & Gayle White-Malloy
James Patten
Don & Gabi Mumford
Roland & Myra Schubert
Willy Ross & Ivan Gossen
Ian Tripp
Krista Odegaard
Kim Willsie
Betsy & Rick Odegaard
Tom Sheppard & Michele Rowat
Lisa Giroux
Adam Giroux
Kelsey Wosniak
Patrick Blanshard
Sandra Prentice & Rob Przerwa
Andrea Brown
Bill VanRooy
Jen Pastorius
Ellie Cook & Jeff Pastorius
Larry McKenzie
Deb Andrews
Erin Fox
Alanna Hutchison
Sheila Stevenson
Jane Eidsness
Liz Ball
Terry Dietz
Andrea Purvis
Mary Ann Colihan
Nadia Joseph & Paul van der Werf
Melikie Joseph
Razia Hassan
London Ontario Media Arts Association
Peggy Sattler & Neil Bradford
John Vareka
Lina Bowden
Anne & Nick Dyer-Witheford
Judith & Gil Warren
Margo Warren
Cal Warren
Bruce Rankin
Wendy & Wes Kinghorn
Art Blumas
Tony Saddy
Wilda Thomas
Jamie Caskey
Marnie McGarry
Jamie Q
Diana Tamblyn & David Pasquino
Aly Lalani
Mia & Mark Brunnemeir
Joseph Branco
David Finlay
Jim Ried
Jim Wilkes
Cassandra Getty
Nancy & John Fyfe Millar
Patty & Nicole Williams
Sharon & Steve Fenwick
Josie Lane
John White
Jennie Kraehling
Fabian Folias
Robert Krizanec
Ken Harding
Ashley Wells
Lauryn Smith
Sheri Cowan
Krystie Haire
Kathryn Scharf
Maryellen Young
Sarah Harris
Katie Saddy
Rebecca Waugh
Jan Saddy
Zakia Haskouri
Nancy & Steve Tilk
Nikki Jamieson
Julia Campbell
Ben Cunningham
Corina Fletcher
Karen Hearn
Hannah Schultz-Durkacz
Karen Wells
Maureen & Ian Davidson
Sandy Bell
Corey Downing
Agata Lesnik
Matti Paquiz

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