UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

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Meet Monica

Lindenfield, Monica Up with GravityMonica Lindenfield grew up on a farm outside of Exeter and moved to London when she was 23, hoping for bigger and better things. Over a period of 6 years Monica was either at the Unity Project or on the streets.

A few years ago, while a Unity Project resident Monica attended free art workshops with Jeremy Jeresky’s New School of Colour. Knowing she couldn’t draw, Monica was immediately drawn to paint; interested in the texture and ability for colours to blend and interact with one another.

It only took a few sessions for her knack, even “genius”, for abstract art to noticed. Monica credits painting as a stabilizing and inspirational force in helping her to overcome addiction and build an independent life. “Painting allowed me to express emotion and enjoy freedom from everyday stresses. I coined the phrase ‘drop gravity’ for my technique, to describe the way I use the weight of the world to lift me and my colour up, jumping around and singing while I create.”

The New School of Colour is a free and creative social space, open every Monday evening from 5:00-8:30 pm. This free art program is open to all community members, with a special focus on providing opportunities to youth and adults dealing with issues of poverty, mental health and other social barriers. To visit the New School of Colour website, click here.

Interested in sharing the love of art with Unity Project residents and members of our community? Show your support, click here.

  • $25 donation provides one low-income individual as an artist and/or guest…make it $50 and support two individuals
  • $100 supports one UP resident participating as an artist through the New School of Colour

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