UPwithART 2018 - APRIL 28

our cause

Supporting Unity Project

For Relief of Homelessness in London

Unity Project offers secular, participatory and home-like emergency shelter and transitional housing for men, women and youth aged 18 and over. Shelter residents have personal accountability for taking care of themselves, each other and the community. Frontline Support staff support each individual with their personal action plan for stability and independence.

Unity Project shelters 50-60 people each night, providing 25-75 episodes of drop-in service daily and supporting over 1000 individuals annually across all programming. We operate everyday by the values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion.

We thrive on the support you give. Thank you! www.unityproject.ca

UPwithART celebrates the following committee and advisory members:

  • Sarah White (Co-Chair)
  • Brian Meehan (Co-Chair)
  • Wyn Geleynse
  • Peter Lebel
  • Lucretia Geleynse
  • Janice Johnston
  • Janice Strickland
  • Gerald Pedros
  • Ian Tripp
  • Moira McKee