UPwithART 2019 - APRIL 27

our cause

in support of

Unity Project and Museum London

About Unity Project

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness provides emergency shelter, supportive housing and related services to assist adults and youth of all genders to escape and avoid homelessness. Life skills are embedded in a home-like environment where participatory programming involves participants in personal accountability for cooking, cleaning and day to day maintenance – taking care of themselves, each other and community. Unity Project provides services and supports to over 1000 individuals annually across all programming. 

We operate everyday by the values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion. We thrive on the support you give!

Learn more at www.unityproject.ca

About Museum London

Museum London provides for the collection and presentation of visual art and material culture through public and educational programming, special events and exhibitions and strives to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of regional art, culture and history. 

The Museum is more than art on walls and artifacts in cases. It’s a conversation starter. A cultural hub. A place where our stories are shared. Museum London is where our community discovers exceptional art, rich history and new possibilities. Your support ensures we can provide a wide variety of free public programming and cultural experiences geared to all ages.

Learn more at www.museumlondon.ca


About Us 

Unity Project’s formal partnership with Museum London is the golden fruit of a terrible pickle that Unity Project found itself in when we discovered that The Palace Theatre was not available for any appropriate 2019 dates. No suitable alternatives presented themselves and any new venue would challenge Unity Project’s resources and capacity. 

Meanwhile, the Museum London’s Centre at the Forks was under construction. For years, the Museum has played a significant role among the many points of light that comprise UPwithART’s success, and further, it possesses the resources and capacity required for the situation.  

Following months of exploration and partnership development, our two boards of directors unanimously agreed. We have found real beauty in our partnership that can reach far beyond the practical matters that have led to it. This partnership offers the opportunity for true collaboration between sectors that are often pitted against one another in social discourse and in the competition for scarce resources. Together we overcome those barriers, not only to bring UPwithART to new heights but in bringing our audiences together to solidify a cross-sectoral bond between arts and culture and social justice for the making of a vibrant community. 

Both organizations will collaborate and support each other in all facets of the event, with each leading with their respective strengths. Proceeds will be split between Unity Project and Museum London approximately 75/25 respectively. 

Both parties seek to advance community goals to reduce poverty and animate arts and culture in our everyday lives and to bring the community together to share in these interests in London and area. 

UPwithART celebrates the following Committee and Advisory Members:

    • Sarah White (Co-Chair)
    • Brian Meehan
    • Peter Lebel
    • Lucretia Geleynse
    • Janice Strickland
    • Ian Tripp
    • Moira McKee
    • Diana Tamblyn
    • David Merritt
    • Anita Schipper
    • Silvia Langer
    • Lisa Mc Dougall
    • Mitra Shreeram
    • Lucas Stenning