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Fernando Benavides completed courses in Art and Painting at the University La University La Nacional, Bogota, Colombia 1987-1988.

His Collective Exhibitions include: September 1992: Association of Teachers of the National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia; June 1994: Galeria La Pared, Bogota, Colombia; October 2005: Arts at St Johns, Miami, Florida, USA; January 2010: The Arts Project, London, Ontario, Canada; and, Art Gallery of Lambeth Ontario in June 2013.

He has had three solo exhibitions including in March 2011 at The Framing Art Centre, London, Ontario; October 2012 at Cherryhill Public Library, London, Ontario; and in December 2013-January 2014 at Masonville Public Library, London Ontario

Fernando Benavides’ work has also been exhibited at Artistix in London Ontario and Artworks Etc. in London Ontario and at Art Fusion Gallery in London Ontario.

Visit Fernando Benavides website at www.ferb.ca and contact at fer@ferb.ca

I am a self-developed artist. My painting is based on colour by itself, mainly exploring the possibilities of the presentation and combination of the primary and secondary colours. Like in popular music, the composition is around a basic central tonality defined in terms of a specific colour. The other colours used, like the opposite colour, depend on this basic colour in order to establish the harmony of each piece of art. The shapes are flat, they are applied in certain sequences looking for a final effect beyond the three classic dimensions, following issues which play a kind of subconscious roll, like horses, knights, the basic shapes of the millenary cultures of the Americas, Buddhist meditation, the conflicts of couple love, and so on. Who is looking at the painting can feel different impressions and create different interpretations.