UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Catherine Morrisey

Title Walking by the Waterfall (2017)
Medium Oil on canvas
Image Size 30 x 30 in.

Value: $1000

Artist Bio:

Catherine Morrisey comes from a family of visual artists. She came to London from Toronto in the early 1980’s, and after receiving an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from York University, and continuing education at Arts’ Sake, Inc., Toronto, she earned Library Science, M.L.S. at The University of Western Ontario. Her exhibitions include: 2006 – In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery; 2007 – The Garage Studio, London; 2008 – Morrisey & Ferris show, The Art Exchange; 2009 – The Art Exchange, London, Old Willows; 2010 – The Art Exchange, London Group Show; 2010 – London Artists Studio Tour; 2010 – Spencer Gallery, London; 2011 – Garage Studio (Studio 105, Music Series); 2012 – The Art Exchange, This Bend in the River, Solo; 2013 – London Artists Studio Tour; 2013 – Westland Gallery, London; 2014 – Deep Roots, And Square Foot Show; 2015 – In the Air: Canadian Plein Air Painters, Museum London; 2016 – Westland Gallery Rivergarden, and; 2017 – Westland Gallery, Fall in Love with Art.

Artist Statement:

‘I am inspired by ancient Chinese landscape paintings that depict vast distances and timelessness. I admire the exquisite brush strokes of black ink on white rice paper. I like how those landscapes feel inviting, familiar, peaceful. Those paintings come from a different time and culture, yet they are completely accessible to us. I have used oil on canvas, a western traditional medium, to render my local landscape by the river. I am reaching for the ethereal qualities of Eastern Art.’