UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Charlie Egleston and Peter Lebel

Title Prepared Projector (2018)
Medium Silver gelatin enlargements from 16mm motion picture negatives on archival fiber paper

Value: $650

The expanded cinema performance work of Charlie Egleston and Peter Lebel combine studio-based experiments, electro-acoustic compositions, narrative threads, and improvisation. Presented to audiences are image and sound textures built via a variety of gathering/generating processes. These textures create layered experiences by relying on the connection between sensory perception and analog technology. Explored in the work are analogies concerning multimodality and the physical composition of sound and light, while following traditions of experimental music, film, and performance art.

The Prepared Projector is an instrument Egleston and Lebel perform with. Much like John Cage’s Prepared Piano, the 16mm motion picture projector has been modified. These modifications, called ‘preparations’, include the use of contact and needle transducers, photovoltaic panels, hand-processed 16mm film loops, photographic/lens filters, semiconductors, and variable-voltage devices. The preparations (noted in the enlargements) enable bulb dimming, variable frame rates/shutter speeds, strobe effects, heterochromatic flicker, sound manipulation, and frame burning.

Artist Bio’s

Charlie Egleston

Working in expanded modes of film and video production, Charlie Egleston has been making moving image and multi-disciplinary work for the past 25 years. His films have been shown throughout North America and the world, including IFF Rotterdam, Oberhausen IFF, Media City FF, WNDX FF, Ann Arbor FF, and have been generously awarded by organizations such as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. Recently, his work was featured in the Sparrow Night group show at Museum London. He currently teaches in the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

Peter Lebel

Multi-disciplinary artist, Peter Lebel, lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He currently works with performance, sound, photochemistry, installation, expanded cinema, social sculpture, games, composition, among other things. Since acquiring an education in visual arts, post-production, and social work, he has received awards/grants, completed residencies, co-founded/curated a number of community/contemporary artist-run initiatives, and has toured/exhibited his work in Canada and in the United States. Currently and more recently, he has been spending his time on a recording project with Egleston as well as an artist-run space and various collaborative works with a small group.