UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020


Deborah has lived and painted in BC, Florida and Ontario. She is represented professionally in Vancouver at Petley Jones Gallery, in Toronto at Canadian Fine Art and in London at Thielsen Gallery. Her subject varies from still life to landscape. Portrait is also of interest. Her work is in collections across Canada and the United States. On occasion she teaches through guilds and in her studio at home.

Content is the thing that goes on in a work of art independent of the subject. This is what I paint regardless of the object in front of me. It need not be huge nor deep however it must be genuine and felt or seen. This helps to maintain an authenticity in what I do and focuses my imagination and emotion into one place at one time. The intensity I derive from this is what causes me to continue as it is an experience and realm like few others. The painting which is what is left of this, if I deem it complete and worthy is a smaller or larger bit of evidence of this expression. For me this is touching infinity itself.