UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Edible Art – Dinner for 4 with Artists Leslie Putnam & David Bobier

The Sculpture (shown left)
Created by Leslie Putnam, comes with Dinner Included….a key is hidden inside the organic pod shape, to signify that you are welcome.

This work is one of a series that incorporated found objects to create musical instruments used for a performance piece.  Twenty people played the “crank-boxes” at Sweet Magic London this past fall, The groups’ name being Gentle Souls Hand Crank Orchestra Balladeers.

The Dinner
Leslie Putnam and David Bobier love to cook and entertain at their artfully outfitted 150-year-old Fanshawe Lake peg and beam cottage home.

A studio visit gets the summer evening off to an artful start, before sitting down to a dinner prepared mainly from the harvest of the artists’ extensive garden.

Leslie lived in Greece for many years and loves cooking Greek dishes such as Garides saganaki- shrimps roasted in tomato and onion with crumbled feta cheese under the grill, Gemista- vegetables stuffed with rice and tomato and grilled fish. David is known for his amazing salads as he likes to throw in wonderful ingredients.

After dinner, a guided walk around the lake and guests will leave with baskets of hand-picked, home-grown fresh veggies cradled in their arms.

  •  Guests suggest menu preferences as part of arrangements made directly with artists
  • Guests arrange with Unity Project if transportation to and/or from dinner is required

Leslie Putnam works as an artist and educator in London Ontario. Her work centres on inquiry into the interaction between humans and the natural world, and also works with David Bobier as part of o’honey collective.

David Bobier is a multi-media artist exhibited across Canada and internationally. He is currently partnering with Inclusive Media and Design Centre, Ryerson University, in researching vibrotactile technology. As Founder/Director of VibraFusionLab, London, ON he follows a holistic approach to creating vibratory ‘compositions’ and investigating broader sensory applications and emotionality in art making and explores vibration as a language of artistic creation. He is also currently Director of Development for Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, Chair and Co-Founder of London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) and Board Member, Media Arts Network Ontario.