UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Game Night

Pauline King Shannon, signs all her writing, and art, with her artist alias name: Pooks. A nickname that was given to her by a schizophrenic, it originally started off as: Pookey. An ex-boyfriend, shortened it to Pooks. Pooks created a label/ brand/ tag for the name. P.K.S are her initials, and with the design she created for it the “O”‘s create a crazy smiley face with it’s tongue sticking out. The face is symbolic of how there is two sides to her. One “O” is a peace sign. Which resembles her more quiet, “Lady- like”, introverted side. The other “O” is a swirl. Which resembles her spontaneous, unorganized, rebellious side. She designed the tag years ago, not knowing what she created or where she would take it. When she completed her first project at the New School of Colour, she signed her art with the name Pooks, and has continued to do so since. Following Salvador Dali’s foot steps, as he said he was becoming more Dali, Pauline becomes more Pooks.

This oil painting was basically practice, experimentation, and exploration in the form of abstract art. It started off with shapes and lines. As the layers built up, aspects of extra-curricular activities kind of popped up into the image. Example: games of dice, with coffee on the side.