UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Gilbert Moll (1948 – 2003)

Title Courtship (1986), 79/80
Medium original handpainted - serigraph print 78/80 (bearing the chop of the printing studio Maison Moll, Inc.)

Value:  $1,100

Gallery:  Collectors Collection


Gilbert Moll (1948 – 2003) is a celebrated London artist. Moll studied at Beal Secondary School Art Program in the 1960’s, then Graphic Design at Fanshawe College. By the 1970’s he was a master printer in his own studio, Maison Moll. He had a lifelong interest in flight, a fascination which inspired much of his work. He is remembered for his accomplishments as an artist and as a community activist, decrying commercialism and in support of the art-run movement, among many community concerns.

Description/ Statement:

CONCEPT: In every life there are “special moments” to remember. Brief period of time that change the course of our lives forever. The summer of 1967 is for my wife and me just such a time. A summer filled with mystical revelation; the peace and tranquility of Lake Manitouwabing near McKellar, Ontario, seems to have made every experience so vivid. =From the lazy days spent rowing in her grandfather’s old Nova Scotia dory to the strange silence that follows the haunting call of the loon; these “perfect stills” remain real. I dedicate this print to Maureen, to our “Courtship” and to the magic of Ontario’s north. —  Gilbert Moll, “Courtship”  certificate of authenticity

From the Collection of Maureen Moll – Estate of Gilbert Moll