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Gilbert Moll – 2

Title Friday’s Fish and Yesterday’s News, (1983)
Medium Serigraph, 247/250

Value:  $900


This serigraph was printed by artist Gilbert Moll at his studio at 434 Pall Mall Street using ten hand-pulled colours on Somerset paper.

Friday’s Fish and Yesterday’s News was commissioned by the McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario, to be incorporated into its first limited edition book illustrating the University’s permanent art collection. This particular image was selected as an appropriate accompanying piece for the watercolour entitled Breakfast for William, already a part of the University’s collection.

Description/ Statement:

From the Collection of McIntosh Gallery

The Oriental Kite Series, has evolved from Moll’s symbolic narrative quality inherent within all his work. The depiction of a quite domestic scene, fresh fish for the market, the viewer is presented with a multitude of contrasting images. Some, the symbols of the artist’s earlier work, others the day-to-day events of our lives which are often in direct contrast. “I leave the final interpretation of this work to the viewer.”