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Heritage 007-2013

My Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts was received from the Hellwan University in Cairo. (1966-1971)

After graduating I became an active member of: 1974 Member of International Association for Arts Paris-France, 1974 Member of General Arab Artists Cairo – Egypt, 1998 Members of London Arts Council London-Ontario, 1996 Member of Forest City Gallery London-Ontario, and in 2007 Members of Arts Project London-Ontatrio, 2004 G.M. Shala Arts Center. As well I have successfully published my own monthly newspaper Alsaraha in London, Ontario.

I later opened 23 private exhibitions in many countries including Canada. The most recent one was in 2010 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Shortly after I took part in general exhibitions and Biennales around the world.

Certifications and various letters of appreciations and number of medals include the Golden Sail Trophy.

Visit Abdul Hadi website at www.shalaarts.com
contact at: shalaarts@hotmail.com

I started this artistic project in 1987. Throughout my life as an artist I used all kinds of colours, such as Oil colours, Water colours, oil pastels, Gouache, Acrylic etc… This piece is one of a series of paintings that are inspired from the tradition in folklore dress, carpets and historical places in the Middle East. Until now it is an ongoing project of mine to continue to translate my roots on to my canvases .