UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Kelly Jazvac + Monica Lindenfield

Title Flight of the Candied Phoenix
Medium acrylic on canvas

Value:  $650

Gallery:  CollaborARTe


Monica Lindenfield: I started out painting as a way to vent my anxiety, when I did so, I would put into my work all of everything I had been through that day. I was at a point in my life that I found it easier to just exist instead of stand out. At first it was just a way to be social until I realized that I was making art that others really liked. I attended my first Up with Art Fundraiser five years ago, at first I felt so out of place but as the night went on, people were showing interest in my art I was more relaxed. I have been showing my art at The Root Cellar for the past three years with promising results with 15% going back to the Unity Project for relief of Homelessness. My genre is Abstract Expressionism, I had also coined the term Drop Gravity as to the style of painting I was creating. I’m eventually going to be making prints of the art that I have created as a more affordable way for others to own my work.

Kelly Jazvac is an artist based in London, Ontario who works in collage, sculpture and installation.  Jazvac’s recent exhibitions include A Stratigraphic Fiction at The Berman Museum, Philadelphia; Organic Situation at Koenig and Clinton, New York; Site Words, Spoilers and Shoplifters at Diaz Contemporary, Toronto; and An other land… and also our own at Prosjekstrom Normanns, Norway. Her work has been written about in e-flux journal, Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, Magenta Magazine, The New Yorker, The Brooklyn Rail, Canadian Art, Border Crossings and artforum.com. She is represented by Fierman Gallery, New York.

Description/ Statement:

Monica Lindenfield: I was apprehensive when I was first approached about doing a collaboration piece with another artist. I  wasn’t comfortable with someone else “messing” with art that I put so much effort into. My London CAReS worker and I discussed it for some time until he finally wore me down, I met with Kelly Jazvac and was immediately attracted to her style and decided to leave my two pieces in her capable hands. Upon seeing what Kelly had accomplished, I was literally Gobsmacked. She is an amazing individual and I look forward to seeing the reaction to our collaboration.

Kelly Jazvac: I was thrilled to be asked to collaborate on an artwork for the Up with Art auction.  I had seen Monica’s work in the Root Cellar café (my favourite restaurant in London) prior to being approached, and I was compelled by her story and her art. In my own practice, I work with found objects, which I then alter and re-combine through collage techniques.  I was very pleased that Monica was willing to let me work with two of her paintings, and am respectful of the trust she put in me.