UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Leslie (Capling) Kaczun

Title Legacy (1995)
Medium mixed media (photos, pebbles, small dried branches on cast iron heating register)

Value:  $250


Leslie (Capling) Kaczun – Born 1975. Originally from Woodstock, Ontario, now living in the Greater Toronto Area.  Kaczun studied art at Woodstock Collegiate Institute under the direction of Ewhen Chorostil and then majored in Visual Arts at Fanshawe College under the direction of various professors and artists in the 1990’s.  Early works have been displayed at the McIntosh Gallery and Forest City Gallery in London and the AGO in Toronto.

She began drawing at a young age and found passion for painting as a young adult.  In the mid 1990’s, Kaczun ventured into sculpture and produced a 10 piece reconstruction series.  Whether sculpting or painting, Kaczun puts focus on multimedia in most of her pieces. She accredits her early love of creation and the arts to her father, and the ability to find inspiration in everyday life to her mother, two daughters and husband.

Today Kaczun expresses her creativity through painting, design, photography and construction; most works after 2001 are part of a private collection.

Description/ Statement:

Legacy is #4 of the Reconstruction Series I created in the mid 1990’s.

The Reconstruction Series consists of 10 pieces; each piece was produced from reclaimed materials and images to create a gateway to the past.  The intention was to form a sense of beginning, whether it was humble or privileged.  Legacy (4) is about influence and ambition; amongst the unsettled nature of human existence, inspiration can be found.  The images used were based purely on what moved and inspired me at the time.

Reconstruction Series Pieces:
Roots (1); Heritage (2); Tradition (3); Legacy (4); Heirloom (5); Lines (6); Custom (7); Birthright (8); Origin (9); Ancestry (10)