UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Looking West

Catherine Morrisey comes from a family of visual artists. She came to London from Toronto in the early 1980’s, discovered the community of brilliant artists and musicians, and never went back. She received an Honours Degree Fine Arts from York University, continued education at Arts’ Sake, Inc., Toronto and earned Library Science, M.L.S. at University of Western Ontario. Her exhibitions include 2006 In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery; 2007 The Garage Studio, London; 2008 Morrisey & ferris show, The Art Exchange; 2009 Art Exchange, London, Old Willows; 2010 Art Exchange, London group show; 2010 London Studio Tour; 2010 Spencer Gallery, London; 2011 Garage Studio (Studio 105 Music Series); 2012 Art Exchange, This Bend in the River, solo; 2013 London Studio Tour; 2013 Westland Gallery, London; 2014 Deep Roots, And Square Foot Show, and; 2015 En Plein Air, Museum London.

“I find deep solace and inspiration in trees. Each tree is beautiful. I particularly love very old trees. Their branches arc up to the sky against time and darkness, winter and summer, wind and years. Painting trees is a meditation on the beauty and mystery all around us in the forest city.”