UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020


A great idea stolen from Patrick Mahon, Winescape makes art drinkable…

9 Artists
Dickson Bou, Oswaldo De León Kantule Wyn Geleynse, Kelly Jazvac, David Merritt, Kim Moodie, Troy Ouellette,  Gerard Pas, Billy Bert Young

9 Bottles
Of wine…8 good bottles, and 1 spectacular bottle
Wine compliments of Jan Saddy

9 Drawings*
Wrap around the wine label to conceal it

9 Mysteries
Artists’ true identity concealed … silent auction bidding blind for the art you love

9 Winners
Emerge out of a lively silent auction, each winning drawing and bottle of wine it cloaked

1 Lucky
Winner gets the special bottle

*Each winner will receive a $50 Framing & Art Centre  certificate towards the framing of their piece.