UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Registration FAQ

Auctria is the online auction host.

Registration is free. 

All those who register prior to midnight on May 26 will be entered into a draw for the Registration Prize.

You do not have to register to view the auction, however registration helps us track attendance … which is very important to us.

You must register in order to bid. You do not have to register your credit card on file but it helps with check-out.

After successfully registering, you will be assigned a Bidder # and receive a Registration confirmation email. 


Bidders can participate in the UPwithART online auction/event hosted by Auctria in a number of ways: Auction Website and Mobile Bidding app.

(Note: you cannot donate through the mobile bidding app – please donate via the website Money Now tab)

Place bids from desktop/laptop computer, tablet or mobile device. 

You can view the art at upwithart.ca but you cannot bid at this site. Items are linked to each other on each site.

Download on the Google Play Store
Download on the Apple App Store

Bid at the Auctria auction site. Click the auction link from within the www.upwithart.ca site or go directly to www.auctria.com/auction/UPwithART.


On the Auctria Auction Website, click the ART tab and select which “gallery” you wish to view from the drop-down menu or view all works directly on the Home page.

On each item you will see a button which might show either the current bid amount or just simply show the “Bid Now!” text. Clicking on this button will start the process to place a bid. This usually opens the item details card for the specific item being bid on.

The Item Details view offers you more information about the item as well as relevant current bid information.


To place a bid you would enter your bid amount into the Amount box and click the the Bid button. If entering a Proxy Bid, there will be a relevant checkbox for you to work with before clicking the Bid button. As you enter your amount, the Bid button will reflect that value. A confirmation window will pop up asking if the bid is correct. Click the OK button to confirm the bid for it to be placed. If you have changed your mind, you can click the “Cancel” button to clear your bid amount — no bid will be placed.

Your bid may not necessarily be accepted as is after you confirm the bid. Another bidder may have placed a “Proxy Bid” for a higher amount. If your bid did not exceed an existing “Proxy Bid” a message will be displayed on the Item Details page indicating you have been Outbid!. The details of the page will update accordingly. If you wish to bid a higher amount, you can simply follow the same process of entering your bid amount and clicking on the Bid button.


All lots (*except the Craig Guthrie Opulence print multiples) are offered with set minimum bids representing 50% of the appraised Fair Market Value. 

** The Craig Guthrie “Opulence” prints will be printed to order. There is no bidding on these two items rather, the prints are $50 each and purchased by clicking the Buy-It-Now button and as many times as you would like, to purchase as many prints as you would like. 


Bid increments are automatically programmed to increase relative to the value of the work, as follows:

Bids increase by $20 where item value is up to $749

Bids increase by $50 where item value is $750 – $999

Bids increase by $100 where item value is over 1000


You can place a Proxy Bid on any item. A Proxy Bid is your maximum bid. If your Proxy Bid is accepted (i.e. there is no existing Proxy Bid that exceeds yours), then you can let the Auctria auction software bid for you. You will be notified by email if you are outbid and will have the opportunity to increase your bid.


It’s yours when you Buy-It-Now @ 150% of the Fair Market Value! 

Purchases equal to or greater than 125% of the FMV will receive charitable donation tax receipt (at later date) for the over FMV amount. 


If your bid is the highest bid (or if you opted to Buy-It-Now) you will see a momentary Bid Successful message and the Item Details information will update with your winning bid amount (in case you bid a maximum, or proxy bid, greater than the minimum amount to win).

The Item Details page will display you have the “current high bid” and its amount. If you have bid a maximum, or proxy bid, amount you will also see that amount noted as well as what the next bid should be based on the item’s bid increments.

In this case, it is an indication of the next bid amount you will be responsible for if another bidder raises the bid by the item’s bid increment value.

Other bidders can bid higher amounts than the “next bid” value although until one bids more than you would retain the current high bid.

Once bidding has closed on the item, an Item Won Notification will be sent to the bidder with the current high bid.


All items close at 9 pm on May 30, 2020. 

Attention: Your clock and the server clock may not be synched to the second, so be careful not to lose an item because you have a slow clock! 

You may wish to opt for the Buy-It-Now or placing Proxy/Maximum Bid on the items you are watching to avoid a scramble as the auction nears closing.


No sales tax is charged on purchases.

Item purchases are not eligible for charitable donation tax receipt, except for the amount paid over fair market value if the purchase was =/> 125% of the item’s fair market value.

All bids are binding, and successful bidders will be notified at the end of the auction. At the close of the Silent Auction. the highest bidder shall be deemed to have purchased the offered lot subject to all of the conditions set forth herein.

If you registered with your credit card, payment is automatically transacted for your Winning Bid(s).

If you did not register with your credit card, you will be notified to transact the payment(s) at the auction close. You can opt to pay at later date, by cheque or credit card, within 30 days.

Cheque payments for ART PURCHASES should be made payable to Museum London, and indicate the item(s) for which payment is made. Mail cheque(s) to Museum London, Attention Brian Meehan, 421 Ridout Street S., London ON N6A 5H4


The Winescape auction includes a bottle of wine and a $50 gift certificate to Framing & Art Centre (Horton St.). As such, bidders must be aged 19+. UPwithART reserves the right to verify age by requesting valid government photo identification before the item is released to the winning bidder.


We will be in touch with art purchasers to make arrangements for art pick-up. 


Money Now donations support Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London, registered Canadian Charity #859628851RR0001

Unity Project is grateful to Museum London for managing the online donations payment gateway on its behalf. 

Donate online with a credit or debit card and watch the donations grow!

If you are not comfortable donating by credit card, you can pledge online to donate by cheque at later date, … and watch the donations grow!

Make cheques payable to Unity Project and mail:

Attention Silvia Langer

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness

717 Dundas Street, London ON N5W 2Z5