UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Bryan Jesney

Title We All Belong Somewhere
Medium Mixed Medium
Image Size 20” Diameter

Value:  $800

Gallery:  UPwithARTists


Born in 1978 in London Ontario, Bryan Jesney was raised by his father Les Jesney and older brother Brent on an old WWII Airforce training base north of the city called Huron Park. It was only after he received the Doug Wilson Art Award at his school that he decided to leave his home at 18 years old and attend HB Beal for the Arts in London. After graduating from the Special Arts Program, Bryan had an opportunity to move to San Francisco. After a year of experimenting with his painting, Bryan decided to further explore his passion for the arts by applying to OCAD in Toronto, Ontario where he was accepted into the Fine Arts Program. Since then Bryan has been apart of numerous solo and group exhibitions and continues to paint daily at his home studio in London Ontario.

Description/ Statement:

The subconscious is what influences my feelings and emotions when I paint. It is this space, this dreamscape in which I allow myself to transcend and guide me with each and every stroke. Suddenly, I’ll find myself surrounded by all the beauty and pain that I have ever felt or seen before, but ironically connects me to an afterlife that I have yet to meet. As I enter into this exploration, I feel a pure utopian solitude that not only comforts me, but excites me just the same. It is life’s changes and growth through evolution that motivates my approach and drives my curiosity. I search for the answers through the use of colour, space and texture developing various techniques and methods along the way. Although I paint alone, I never feel lonely. The connection I have with this world is revealed in my work, a reflection of time and an endless story still left to be told.