UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Catherine Morrisey

Title Cabin and Canoe
Medium Oil on canvas
Image Size 36 x 48 in.

Value:  $1,500

Gallery:  UPwithARTists


Catherine Morrisey comes from a family of visual artists. She came to London from Toronto in the early 1980’s. After receiving an Honours Degree Fine Arts from York University, and continuing education at Arts’ Sake, Inc., Toronto, she earned Library Science, M.L.S. at University of Western Ontario. Her exhibitions include 2006 In Good Company, McIntosh Gallery; 2007 The Garage Studio, London; 2008 “Morrisey & ferris show”, The Art Exchange; 2009 Art Exchange, London, “Old Willows”; 2010 Art Exchange, London group show; 2010 London Studio Tour; 2010 Spencer Gallery, London; 2011 Garage Studio (Studio 105 Music Series); 2012 Art Exchange, “This Bend in the River”, solo; 2013 London Studio Tour; 2013 Westland Gallery, London; 2014 “Deep Roots, And Square Foot Show”; 2015 “En Plein Air, Museum London”; 2016Museum London, “In the Air: Canadian Plein Air Painters”, and;  2017 Westland Gallery,  “Fall in Love with Art”.

Description/ Statement:

Painting’s secret gift is uninterrupted time to think and feel.  I become more aware of my feelings, and I think this is true for all painters. We play with colours and beautiful brushes. We find harmony and balance.  We explore images, metaphors, ideas. We expand our imagination and follow own intuition.  Images often suggest themselves spontaneously, and later reveal their meaning.  I think an artist’s finished painting becomes a cypher that transmits energy directly from the painter’s imagination to the receiver, a stranger, who absorbs by the ripple effect. Creative energy, feelings and life experience arc across time, place, and different languages.  Then the  stranger paints a painting.