UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Josh Ariss

Title Untitled
Medium Cast bronze
Image Size 22 x 10 x 2.5 in

From the Collection of Anonymous

Value: $600

Artist Bio:

This work by Josh Ariss was purchased at Nancy Poole’s Studio, the art gallery she had on Waterloo at the foot of Wolfe Street in London, Ontario in the 1970s. Appraiser Jens Thielsen could not provide more than an intrinsic value for what he deemed an “accomplished work” as little is known about the artist, beyond that which is recalled by senior members of the London art community: he is the son of the late artists Herbert Ariss and Margot Ariss, graduated from the Beal Art Program in the early 1970s and travelled sometime thereafter to continue his studies in Brighton, England.

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