UPwithART 2.0 - 24-30 May 2020

Willow, Leaning over more than it used to

Catherine Morrisey comes from a family of visual artists. She came to London from Toronto in the early 80’s, discovered the community of brilliant artists and musicians, and never went back.
York University, Honours Fine Arts
Arts’ Sake, Inc., Toronto
University of Western Ontario, Library Science, M.L.S.
Recent exhibitions—
2009 Art Exchange, London, Old Willows, solo
2010 Art Exchange, London group show
2010 London Studio Tour
2010 Spencer Gallery, London
2011 Garage Studio (Studio 105 Music Series)
2012 Art Exchange, This Bend in the River, solo
2013 London Studio Tour
2013 Westland Gallery, London

I paint “portraits” of the river and forest that lie directly outside the studio door. It is on the bike path, a surprisingly lush and wild setting in downtown London.

I paint with oils in an old autobody shop beside the river, and I use plenty of turpentine, and keep the doors wide open for fresh air, even in winter. My palette is drawn from the tones of the woods, water and sky– umber, sienna, ochre, viridian, ultramarine and vermilion.
Key influences are David Milne and Chinese Landscape painting, with a reverence for the true brush stroke and the integrity of the materials. The images are not literal. They express an emotional interpretation of place that is timeless– The forest and river have existed for thousands of years.